Project Description

The end of July beginning of August 2017 Hawthorn Estates  carried out a job in Birmingham to refit a kitchen in a basement after flood damage.

The work that was contracted consisted of replacing a damaged old cast Iron down pipe which had been left over 10 years, this resulted in the wetting of a wall and damaging the kitchen. We were asked to replace the damaged kitchen, plasterboard, flooring and ceiling tiles. One aspect of difficulty was passing a downpipe through the shop without causing disruption.

Health and Safety
Due to a crack in the down pipe, flooding of the basement resulted in the need to refit the kitchen and passage way. A dehumidifier was placed in the damp rooms before any work began until tested as dry.

Once the installation of a new down pipe was complete, all other pipe work that was not in use was capped off to reduce any future flooding.

Treated timber studs, insulation and breathable roof membrane was installed before plasterboard was fitted.

The old heater was no longer in use, a new heater was installed along with the new kitchen

The safety of our staff was our priority.


The properties kitchen and hallway are now ready for its return to use with no further damp issues.