Humans are not the only animals that are awesome architects.

Read this article to find out how animals put our construction skills to shame.


Within good reason, Beavers are the most well-known animal for being smart and efficient with their construction skills. These intelligent builders collect sticks and mud to construct dams which make their predator-protected pond. Also, this creates a place for easy access to food when the extreme winter weather appears. The average Beaver dam is around 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. However, in 2007, experts spotted a Beaver dam in Alberta, Canada. The dam stretched for an incredible 2,788 feet! It was said that the dam would have taken around 20 years to build!

The Washington Department of Wildlife and Fish says, “Beaver families live in lodges within the dams, and are constantly ‘busy as beavers’ adding to and repairing the structures.”

We can all agree that these amazing, intelligent, builders are one of the worlds greatest architects out there. What do you think?

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2.The Vogelkop Bowerbird:

These small, brown coloured birds are based in the mountains of the Vogelkop Peninsula at Western New Guinea, Indonesia.

Male Vogelkops build small huts called bowers. These bowers are made out of grass and sticks from what the Vogelkop has collected. The spectacular purpose of the bower is to attract potential mates.

In order for the male Vogelkop to attract his mate, he decorates his small hut with berries; sticks: beetles: and fruit etc. All of these colourful delicacies are unfortunately later abandoned as the birds do not use these huts to raise their young in.

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3.Paper Wasp:

Paper Wasps are examples of amazing architects. This is because they gather, collect and construct many things together in order to form their water-resistant nests.

In order to construct their nests, they need to collect dead wood and plant stems to mix with their saliva. This odd mixture of materials creates the gray/brown papery material.

A fascinating feature of the Paper Wasp’s nest is that the Wasps create their own defence mechanism. This is when they secrete a chemical around the nest which repels ants. Repelling the ants away from their nests means that no eggs or brood are taken or destroyed. Pretty smart don’t you think?

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