Regeneration for Holmefield House

August 2018 Hawthorn Estates conducted work on a new extension for the car park outside the Community Centre in Barrowford.



Due to the cotton famine, many mills could not run and closed, causing many to be left in unemployment. There was a relief for those affected, a project to build a wall opposite Barrowford Park it was organised in 1866.

With little remaining of its industrial past, the village is home to many commuters who work across the county.

The village is also a tourist destination which has many interesting walks and museums.

 Holmefield House


Homefield House is Barrowford’s Community Centre, this house has been around for many iconic moments in British history.

From the heart of the industrial revolution to today.

The house has survived two world wars and has stood tall for the coronation of five monarchs.

With the drop in the cotton industry, the house has seen its owners at the point of success and downfall.

Built-in 1865 as a family home.

Two prominent families rise above all the occupants as aids in the history of the area.

The Berry’s and the Holden’s were instrumental in shaping what we know as Barrowford today.

  • Mr Thomas Berry, who was among the men who provided the village with free education and became known as an early social reformer.
  • Mr Samuel Holden who provided the area with jobs in his cotton mill Holmefield Mill (Built 1903) also known as Sam Holden’s Mill to the locals. This Mill shut of it machines for the last time in the 1980’s. 

What it has the Holmefield House become!


Up-to 2011 Housing Pendle and The Multi Sclerosis Society were tenants of the house and annexe.

By 2012 the Parish Council agreed to take responsibility for the building, they organised a renovation project. They adapted the house for the use of the community centre and provide office space for the council.

This introduces the need for a car park extension, Hawthorn Estates were happy to consult and manage the job.

With more use of the house as a community centre, the council could see a need for more parking space. The idea – during peak times the streets around the venue would not become congestion during an event.

In line with maintaining the heritage of the house, precautions for protection have been made for the tree at the front of the house, during the works and is giving ample growing space.


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