Project Management

Managing a construction site can be hard work, but why struggle when you can get someone to do the work for you. Someone who knows how to keep the project on budget, on time and within the laws, codes and guidelines. Knowing your site is being well managed can take a load off your shoulders. A well-managed site is a high-quality site.

We aim to give you the peace of mind, knowing that the work will be done in time, on budget and in accordance with the law while keeping high-quality work procedures in place. Peace of mind is part of our service, we can contact your local authorities to find out about the area’s building restriction, codes and laws. Not having this correct information can delay the start of your project by week maybe months. Knowledge of these basics is vital to your site management.

Documentation is vital when running a construction site, you will be informed of any possible changes the moment it materialises via phone call and/or email. All work will be documented as each stage starts and finishes, leaving you with a well-managed construction site. Choosing the right sub-contractor can be difficult. No one wants to be duped into hiring a cowboy, so why put yourself through this process when we have a list of approved certified contractors that are site tested to produced quality work.

Heritage Consultancy.

Properties built before 1919 are now being classified as heritage properties. Areas which have a high percentage of these buildings have been designated as conservation areas. Creating their own problems modern materials and techniques have helped in the decay of these important heritage building. the Traditional skills to maintain and repair these buildings have been gradually disappearing. Our desire is to provide the needed skills to aid you with your heritage building, we will do so in such a way you will have skills to a better understanding.