Project Description

August 2018 Hawthorn Estates work on Holmefield House used as a community centre in Barrowford, Lancashire.

The work that had been planned was for the wall surrounding the protected tree extended.

In front of the house on site is a protected tree which was in need of a bigger walling space, the existing foundation walls were kept in place as a stable hold for the tree but extended space was provided for its future growth.

Health and Safety

Correct access equipment was used on all works, as well as all the necessary PPE to make the job safe and easier.

We ensured that any person working on this preservation work held the correct training whether it be external qualifications or internal on-site training.

All personnel hold correct licences to use any and all the heavy machinery.

Safety of staff and tenants are always our priority, all safety precautions were put into place.


The tenants were happy with the organisation and are extremely happy with the end result.

We are happy that the preserved tree has ample space to grow and be a continued joy for the people of Barrowford.

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