Project Description

March 2019 Hawthorn Estates was commissioned to re-surface a carpark in Colne, Lancashire.

The work that had been tendered for was the resurfacing of the existing carpark while remaining a live site for the stores to continue trading.

The carpark was sectioned off into 2 sections, the selected areas were alternated so that the carpark could still be used by customers for the shops on the site. A temporary ramp was installed so that the entranceway was also renewed along with the rest of the carpark.

The existing carpark was stripped and replaced with a high-grade Tarmac, new drains were installed in the middle of the carpark.

Expert road markers then set out to mark up the carpark, they ensured that the new carpark spaces where larger so that bigger vehicles can safely park. Disabled and child spaces were positioned in secure locations throughout the site.

Due to the nature of the works traffic control was arranged for access and carpark safety throughout the site.

Health and Safety

Correct equipment was used on all works, as well as all the necessary PPE to make the job safe and easier.

All personnel hold correct licences to use any and all the heavy machinery and have been given the correct training prior to any works.

Security staff hold the correct licences to provide safety services on site.

Safety of all staff, tenants and the public are always our priority, all safety precautions were put into place.

Tenants and Client 

The tenants and the public were happy with the organisation and are extremely happy with the result. The project was completed on time and most importantly 4k under budget which contributed to further site upgrades.