Project Description

May 2017 Hawthorn Estates set to return a commercial building back to residential in the historic Town of Heston, Cornwall.

The work that was contracted consisted of the removal of all out of date heating and windows.

Health and Safety
The safety of our staff was our priority, the removal of office supplies was undertaken with all stall aware of how to handle heavy equipment, a spotter was close by ready to assist in the removal of hazards and aid in the prevention of injury.

Health and safety was needed to replace the heating system. The system needed to be sufficiently drained before the removal and replacement of the boiler, if this did not happen then the premises would be flooded and works would cease.


This building is located in a historic town, precautions had to be made so that any historic feature was handled correctly.

No gas meter, this had been removed although the line was live to the property.

Delay due to utilities company installing a new gas meter so we could commission the gas boiler. Delay was 6 weeks after completion even though we booked 2 months before the project start date due to aborted attempts by the gas company.

The previous tenants used the premises as a business and so a removal of office furniture was organised.

The property is now ready for residential tenants.