Project Description

November 2017 Hawthorn Estates organised plastering & decoration works in Liverpool City Centre.

The job requested was to carry various plaster repairs which included backing coats & skimming plus emulsion and glossing of  the lobby, communal areas over 9 floors and stairwells.

All work had to carried out with a mix of out of hours and standard work times while maintaining a clean & Safe environment.

We used good quality paint (Dulux Diamond) so the areas could be wiped clean if marked to create a longer lasting finish. Colours selected by the Client.

All areas were sheeted and protected to protect the tenants & keep the areas clean.

Health and Safety

While conducting the plastering & painting work, safety precautions needed to be put in place around the stairwell areas, due to the area having different elevations which can make the work more challenging but correct access equipment was used as well as the necessary PPE to make the job safe and easier.

Safety of staff and Tenants are always our priority.


The tenants were happy with the organisation process and lift access was not restricted.

Tenants now have a clean and fresh lobby, communal and stairwells areas.