Project Description


During October 2017 Hawthorn Estates organised a lift refurb in Manchester.


The work that was contracted consisted of removal and replacing of the lift car interior. The building that the works has two working lifts that covers 5 fully tenanted floors.

Health and Safety

One lift was kept in service during the work, Hawthorn Estates organised for the lifts to be refurbed separately.

All health and safety precautions were enlisted while works were being conducted.

The lift that was being refurbished was locked so that no unauthorised person would enter until completion. Safety barriers were situated outside the correct lift so that all would know the lift was decommissioned for a short time.

The safety of the tenants and our staff was our priority.


With Tenants occupying all five floors a lift was needed to remain in operation. When the first lift was completed access was restored and the second lift was temporary decommissioned.

The tenants are overjoyed with their new interior Lift car’s.