Project Description

Hawthorn Estates where commissioned early April 2016 to complete a refit on a commercial building in the Town Centre of Padiham, Lancashire.
This commercial building was subjected to the severe flooding early in 2016 resulting in the ground floor being covered in two foot of water, after a river overflowed.

The work that was contracted consisted of removal and replacement of carpets and fixtures, treatment was also required for exposed flooring, timbers and the lower stair case. The removal of a wheelchair lift caused further work as the motor was submerged in water causing it to drop and damage the ceiling.

Health and Safety
With much of the works being done in a damp atmosphere a de-humidifier was made available in the shop front, along with space heaters.
Due to the damage caused by the flood the window cill and support frame needed to be removed and refitted. This sub frame supported the window and needed constructing carefully, in sections due to the fact it was a full shop window.
For the damaged walls a membrane was installed to allow air flow behind the timber studs and new insulation was fitted in before plaster boarding.
All wood that was installed had been treated to prevent future wet and dry rot.

The previous tenants installed a wheelchair lift, that seemed to be damaged by the flooding. On further inspection, it came to our attention the lift had been left on the first floor and dropped causing damage.
Over time the lift sank with the access door open. This caused the access door to catch on the upper ceiling joist.
The lift was removed and the ceiling patched.
The property had been unoccupied for over a year and is now fully occupied as a gallery.