Property Management

We provide a cost effective solution managing your property portfolio with decades of experience dealing with landlord and tenant issues. All ranges of property types from modern to historic.

We carry out facilities services, the majority are in-house so savings are achieved getting more out of your service charge. See below.

Facilities Management

Below are some of the regular site services that we provide. A core philosophy of our business is to adapt to the needs of our clients. So if you don’t see what you require here then please contact us and we will be only too happy to discuss your needs.

  • Lighting Maintenance

  • Chewing Gum & Stain Removal

  • Gritting & Snow Removal

  • Grit Box Refill

  • External Painting & Repairs

  • Fly Tip/Abandoned Vehicle Removal

  • Glass Blasting

  • High level access specialists and repairs

  • Building maintenance

  • Site furniture

  • Tarmac repair and renew

  • Thermoplastic lining

  • Drain repairs

  • Security fencing and bollards repair and maintenance

We also provide a yearly ice watch service, whereby we keep an eye on the weather and where possible, warn you of impending cold spells.
We prepare for these and only when you tell us to, apply the salt and grit to your site. You pay only for the visits we make and the salt and grit that we use. We provide a team of management professionals and skilled tradesmen, who together boast decades of experience in the industry, all backed up by dedicated support staff, whatever the size of the scheme.

High-Level Work

High access points on your property, no clue where to start? With specially trained operatives and access to the right equipment whether that means a scaffold or cherry picker, we provide you with the skills to complete any high-level job. Having these skills and equipment so readily available means you save time and money.

We use our initiative to organise multiple high-level requirements in the same time allotted space so you can feel secure that money won’t be wasted and while our operatives are completing any high-level work, they will take photos and report any findings on the condition of your property. This information will be collected in a detailed report, sent via email or post.

External Maintenance

Finding it hard to find time to visit your site? Are you in need of someone who you can trust to keep up with the maintenance? We take the travel out of checking your property. One of the many services we provide for our clients, especially those property owners that are remote from their properties, is to do site inspections and reports about the condition of the site. Part of this extensive service is to report on any health & safety issues, potential hazard issues or any situation likely to cause a breach of regulations. We provide you with documentation containing pictures, written reports, and/or videos about the state of your premises.

You can relax when your clients visit the property you manage. Not only do we provide inspections but we can do any work required. We realise that the landscape around your premises is the first thing that your visitors see when they arrive. Our management team is focused on the quality of service we provide. Our eagle-eyed management team require that the quality of our work remains consistently high.

All our sites are inspected regularly to ensure this goal is achieved. Our staff are trained to follow and apply health and safety procedures to ensure that your premises are always looking at their best. Only qualified personnel are permitted to carry out any tasks regulated by legislation. Please see our certificates for more information.

Mechanical and Electrical

We are motivated to provide you with reliable, professional and compliant services. We know that mechanical and electrical problems are inevitable, but to have someone to call who knows what they are doing when this occurs in essential.

From installation to refitting we can give you the peace of mind to know that, our fully qualified technicians will provide a quality solution that will save you money and time. Our installations and refits come with a guarantee (length depending on the item) and all work will be carried out at the convenient time for you.

We can also provide you with a yearly inspection of all mechanical and electrical appliances, arrange PAT testing, fire alarm testing and fire extinguisher checks. All health and safety procedures will be set in place before any works are undertaken, not only for our staff but, more importantly, to keep your employees and clients safe.


From painting and decorating to necessary structural work, are you in need of a reliable, professional contractor? We are happy to provide you with superior refurbishment services, that are adapted to your needs. Stabilisation of existing fabric, structural work, renovation, installing services, and painting and decorating are just a few of the services we can give you.

Our projects have ranged from inner city residential building to grade II listed office building (with residents in place). We’ve even had to use underwater divers on occasion, our skilled workmen are experienced with adapting to any sudden change that could likely occur.

You can feel secure in knowing your project is in safe hands, work is carried out to a high standard and meets relevant legislation and regulation. Only tested, quality products will be used on your project. All projects are documented and you are provided with a step by step guide of all works done as well as any changes made. At every stage, we provide advice and support to produce the best possible outcome for your project.

Steel Fabrication

We understand that finding someone to provide steel fabrications can be a difficult task. You may have several exacting requirements for your desired project, resulting in a solution that needs to last many years.

Hand rails, gates, barriers, are just a few examples of the various projects we’ve been involved in and our experienced craftsmen can provide you with exactly what you require. We also know that no two projects are the same, all of our welding and fabrication operatives are fully trained and have the knowledge, experience and skills to work with all grades of steel. We ensure all operatives are up to date with all the latest equipment, standard and methods.