As of June 2019, Hawthorn Estates Ltd became members of the Slave Free Alliance.

As members of the Slave Free Alliance, this will provide all clients with the assurance that employees and subcontractors employed by Hawthorn Estates Ltd are free of any illegal slave activities.

What does this mean?

It is Hawthorn Estates Ltd responsibility to ensure that all its staff are properly cared for under the laws, regulations and moral standing of the United Kingdom and European Union.

Hawthorn Estates has the responsibility to check their workers and subcontractors are working along with the same standards of the alliance. If  Hawthorn Estates comes across any person believed to be employed into slavery, they have the responsibility to report the company and individual to the alliance, which will handle the situation with the sensitivity and care required.

Having these standards provides our clients with the ease to know all operatives on their sites are free of enforced labour.

What is the slave free alliance?

The Slave free alliance is a membership scheme for all sized businesses who want to improve, project and enhance their quality of products and service offered to clients. They do this by ensuring their workers are not exploited, while meeting compliance requirement, improving public image and acting in an ethical and responsible way towards their workforce.

Reports to the alliance are responded to immediately, an independent pathway is provided for employees seeking advice or reporting incidents. The slavery-free alliance can rescue the victim and place them in safety.

Hawthorn Estates Ltd is happy to be a part of this alliance and look forward to being able to promote a slave free company in the north-west.

Emily Millar Operations Director for Hawthorn Estates commented “Modern slavery destroys and distorts the lives of innocent people because unwittingly customers think they are paying a proper rate for work to be completed, they gain a false perspective. So when they get costs from other companies – that do not use slave labour- it is considerably higher, the customer thinks they are being ripped off. People need to ask they things are so cheap.”

If you would like to join the Slave free alliance, please follow the link to their website where you can find more information about this alliance.

Author, Zoe Heslop