Project Description

June 2019 Hawthorn Estates took on works in Rose Wharf, Leeds.

The Client had asked for Hawthorn Estates to clear away shrubbery and trees from their on-site areas including the carpark this was done for

Approximately 10x trees and shrubs were removed from the site and placed in a heavy duty Unimog chipper. All chippings were then used on the site to protect the remaining plant life.

Health and Safet

Correct licences for the operatives on site and have been given the correct training prior to any works.

All equipment that was used on the job was all up to regulations, as well as all the necessary PPE to make the job safe and easier.

Safety of staff and Tenants are always our priority, all safety precautions were put into place.


Tenants who witnesses the works were very happy with the professional and organised work conducted on the site. The tenants were happy with the end result.