It has come to our attention that many property owners are missing a key money-saving hack.

You may be wondering what this hack is and how you can apply it to your building portfolio. It is a very simple, just by arranging for a biannual or a quarterly Building Inspection, you can save money.

But why is this inspect so important? It’s important because if you can catch a problem early. Catching a problem early will save a lot of money since you won’t be forking out for a rip out and refit.

In May 2019 Hawthorn Estates Ltd worked on a commercial building in Canning Town, East London. The work was to remove and install a roof and, to rip out an old office and make it a blank canvas for the next tenants.

You may wonder why this sparked the thought about building inspections. Well, on inspection, our building surveyor had noted what had caused the initial problem.

A simple £50 job left for over 5 years, resulting in a cost of £10,000 to correct the damage.

Had the maintenance been done, the roof would have been sound for another 5 to 10 years. When the work would eventually need doing the cost would still have been cheaper.

The need for regular property inspection and maintenance is a vital key to keeping the cost down. It is more so if the building is vacant, as there are no tenants in the property reporting any problems.

What is building maintenance?

Building maintenance is the act of protecting and prolonging your asset by conducting necessary works on your property.

This can consist of basic cleaning to major repairs(re-roofing the property). The list of jobs is extensive.

Major problems occur when small jobs are neglected.

Regular checks are required if the property is an asset.

The importance of keeping your building maintained reduces costs, resulting in more money for improvement or other investments.

Why is it so important to keep your build maintained?

You and your building will get a better outcome if a problem is found earlier.

Problems found and dealt with as soon as possible reduce excess expenditure. The work will eventually need updating the overall cost will be dramatically low.

Sometimes a quick fix is not the answer.

Found early damage and cost will be nothing compared to a re-fit.

How regular to do checks?

To keep your building in working order Hawthorn Estates would recommend you check maintenance quarterly, but twice a year will suffice.

Hawthorn Estates provides property owners and managing agents with an inspection service. This service assures you that if you are unable to visit your sites they will be regularly checked. The service safeguards the asset allowing it to increase in monetary value.

Required maintenance will be reported and fixed, you have the guarantee that your investment is safe.

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