When asked to travel to the Sound West to provide our services, we were happy to help.

The work that was needed was in the historic market town Helston, Cornwall.


the monument helston cornwall englandA quaint village on the edge of the Lizard Peninsular, Helston is located approximately 12 miles east of Penzance. This old market town is known for their annual flora dance as well as their mining of tin.

Over a long period of time more than 100 tin and copper mines had been opened in and around Helston.

The local miners were known to assemble to have their tin tested and weighed in the ‘coinage hall’, hence the name of Helston’s main thorough fare, Coinagehall Street.

Helston is home to Georgian and Victorian architecture with ‘The monument’ built in 1834, an outstanding feature on Coinagehall Street.

The building we are sent to look over is located on one of the other main streets in the village Meneage Street.

Meneage street has always been the centre for commercial businesses since the beginning of the town.

The Building

The job that was requested was for a commercial building to be refurbished into residential. Much organising need to be done.

The fact the building was in a heritage area, precaution were needed to be put in place before materials were ordered.

Any work done in this town needs to be keep in character with the heritage windows, doors and the buildings facing stones. It was important to keep safe any features that are part of the listing.

Ideally keeping all listed buildings in good order to maintain the heritage of the area is benifical.

With this building being in a historic town, our surveyor was hands on during this project. the knowledge of how best to look after an aged property so that any historic feature are handled correctly, is a priority.

The works that were needed was to remove old office equipment, and remove the out of date heating system.

Before we started our work, we discover that the gas meter has been removed but the line was still live to the property.

Two months before works was to begin we arranged for a new meter to be installed. But, sadly after the start of the project it took six weeks of delays by the utilities company to get the new meter installed.

While we waited for the gas meter to be installed, we completed all we could.

The removal of office equipment was out health and safety priority, the filing cabinets were needed to be taken down a flight of steps. Draws were fixed using duck tape and Spotters were stationed in strategic places.

The old heating system was removed and replaced, with the health and safety procedures followed, all PPE was provided.

The system needed to be sufficiently drained before the removal and replacement of the boiler, if this did not happen then the premises would be flooded and works would cease.

Keeping with tradition

Keeping the tradition of the commercial Meneage Street, the ground floor of the building remains a thriving business.

Where as now the first floor is transformed from a old office and store rooms to a spacious flat ready to be lived in at the heart of the town.

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