Project Description

May 2019 Hawthorn Estates carried out works in Canning Town, East London.

The work that had been planned was for the replacement of a flat roof including replacing timbers, and external roof repairs.

Due to a 5-year-old leak, the roof of a property in Canning Town had to be replaced.

The building was host to both wet and dry rot making the affected areas dangerous to the owners and any possible tenants.

The small leak in the roof would have cost less than £100 to fix but unfortunately, it was left for 5 years, resulting in a £10,000 re-roofing expense.

The need for regular property inspection and maintenance is a vital key to keep the cost down on any building, this is more so if the building is vacant due to there not being any tenants in the building reporting any problems.

A problem solved as soon as it is spotted will reduce maintenance cost.

Health and Safety

Correct access equipment was used on all works, as well as all the necessary PPE to make the job safe and easier.

All personnel hold correct licences to use any and all the heavy machinery and have been given the correct training prior to any works.

Safety of staff and Tenants are always our priority, all safety precautions were put into place.


The tenants were happy with the organisation and are extremely happy with the result.