Project Description


In September 2017 a site in Hull was sadly ram raided resulting in lots of damage. Hawthorn Estates was asked to assist with the repair work.


The work that was requested was to refit posts, bollards and bins as well as fix the pathway in a herringbone style.

Repair work

The damaged posts & bollards and bins were removed, the ground was then infilled and flattened. new posts and bollards where then arranged in there correct locations. the Bin was installed in a concrete base and then fixed using epoxy resin bolts.

Any bricks that could be salvaged where removed and placed in a safe place to be relayed. the relaying was done in a herringbone style to match the undamaged path way, replacement brick was then used to infill the missing areas.


The Tenants are happy with our finished work, the site now looks as good if not better than before.


Other Information

You can find more information about this incident you can read the news article Click Here.