Project Description

Late September 2017 Hawthorn Estates embarked on a refurbishment in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The work that we were ask to conduct was to remove and replace all damaged wood work.

Health and Safety

The building was infested with dry rot.

PPE was a requirement while on site. our staffs safety is our priority.

To limit the exposure to the rest of the building we ensured the rooms that were infected where sealed.

All timber plaster and stud partition were removed, more than a meter was removed from the last visible point of infection. Brick work has been left bare to prevent any re-occurrence. All timber has been replaced with non-timber alternatives.

Treatment was used in all areas several times with a chemical treatment.


Our Clients are happy with the work that has been conducted, and express a sigh of relief to know the dry rot is unlikely to return.

For further reading check out our news article on Dry-rot in Nuneaton.